OXILVER products for the well-being of nursing home occupants

We all want our old age to be beautiful. However, many seniors face not only loneliness but also other ailments. Health problems and the covid-19 epidemic have made life and work difficult for nursing home employees and occupants.

During this period, nursing staff made extraordinary efforts to protect against the virus, and a number of activities were limited for safety reasons. Money also often plays an important role in quality health care. Despite the sacrifice of medical staff, nursing home occupants cannot afford certain necessary services and products. In order to pay tribute to the efforts of nursing home employees and occupants, we donated OXILVER® products to more than 30 nursing homes throughout Slovenia, with the aim of relieving and treating stubborn skin and nail problems.

Age is accompanied by many changes in health and general well-being, which are also reflected as visible changes in the skin and nails. If about a third of the general population has a skin disease, the incidence of these problems increases to 40% between the ages of 65 and 75. Dry, cracked and reddened skin, abrasions, wounds, bedsores, and problems with thickened and altered nails are just some of the problems many people suffer from. In a flood of misleading information and the length of time struggling with these problems, people are largely left to fend for themselves. “For successful therapy, the right treatment, perseverance and appropriate product selection are crucial. We have dedicated the products to the nursing home occupants, as we are convinced that they will be useful and will alleviate many of the ailments that come with old age. Let them help and contribute to the best possible well-being of the patients and let them alleviate their problems as much as possible.” said Dominika Tompa Majcen, founder and CEO of Enikam.


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